About Us

The Training Bureau is an NZQA registered Private Training Establishment (PTE) specialising in practical hospitality related training.


Our Mission

Providing high quality training with an emphasis on great customer service.

Our Promise

We create relevant training with experienced tutors ensuring clients are able to upskill while enjoying tailored industry experiences and excellent customer service.  We ensure our courses are of an excellent standard and hold the top rating of 'category 1' provider with NZQA. 

Our Foundations

The Training Bureau has been operating since 1997.  It has been shaped and operated by those with an understanding and passion for the hospitality industry, and the needs of the clients they serve at the center of what they do.

Our Commitment

We take the responsibility of preparing staff for their duties very seriously.  We are committed to ensuring everyone that goes through our courses comes out equipped and confident to deal with the real life situations that are unique to the hospitality industry.



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